Podskalska Street the restoration of artificial stone sculpture

Estate Theatre-repaired facade, balcony console and balustrade

štukatérsví - fasády


Stuccowork-repair historical facade

  • design elements made from artificial stone, vase and sculpture
  • Artificial marble


Stuccowork-restore historical facade

  • Making ledges and cornices
Štukatérství interiér


Plaster & stuccowork- repair interiors

  • Interior decoration according to the wishes
  • Production of artificial marble




Stonesculpture – stone restoration

  • Making elements from artificial stone vase and sculpture
  • Copy of statue from original
  • Copy of the artificial stone sculpture



  • Stucco lustro technique
  • Venetian stucco (imitation of marble)
  • Color illumination
  • And other painting techniques


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